Sen. MacDonald urges Whitmer to reconsider extending COVID-19 restrictions through Jan. 15

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Michael D. MacDonald on Friday urged Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to reconsider extending the current shutdown through Jan. 15.

“While this new order is good for high school students, a few entertainment businesses, and large corporate box stores and chains, it’s devastating to the small, family-run local businesses that have been in our community for generations,” said MacDonald, R-Macomb Township. “We saw restaurants in Macomb and throughout the state limit their capacity and make investments in their restaurant to protect their workers and customers. I trust our local business owners to make responsible and safe decisions, and I have faith in our people to follow safety guidelines when going to a restaurant. I just wish the governor had more trust in them.”

On Friday, Whitmer and the DHHS announced they were extending a ban on in-person dining at restaurants through Jan. 15 while allowing in-person instruction at Michigan high schools to restart and reopening casinos, movie theaters and bowling alleys with limited capacity.

“While the governor and DHHS may have the ability through the public health law to make these orders, I strongly disagree with what the orders are doing and how the governor is making these critical decisions,” MacDonald said. “Livelihoods are being destroyed by these broad and punitive orders during the holidays. Many locally owned restaurants and other businesses will not be able to survive this extended shutdown — even though only 4% of cases can been traced back to restaurants.

“I strongly support our family restaurants and urge the governor to reconsider this extended shutdown.”