Sen. MacDonald resolution marks July 20 as Filipino-American Friendship Day

Sterling Heights home of more Filipino-Americans than any other Michigan city

LANSING, Mich. — The state Senate last month approved Sen. Michael D. MacDonald’s resolution to recognize July 20 as Filipino-American Friendship Day.

July marks the 73rd anniversary of the Treaty of Manila, which granted the Philippines independence from the U.S. in 1946 after having worked together to drive the Empire of Japan out of the country.

“I believe that all Americans should be proud of the historic friendship between the Philippines and the United States,” said MacDonald, R-Macomb Township. “It is important that we teach our children and future generations the important lessons learned through this long and lasting relationship and the benefits that can be gained from cooperation with all cultures.”

Senate Resolution 66 highlights that as of the last census in 2010, there were 3.4 million Americans of Filipino descent living in the U.S.

Just over 1% of the residents of Sterling Heights are Filipino-Americans, which is more than any other Michigan city.

“I ask that we recognize this as a special time for Michiganders to celebrate the valuable contributions and longstanding relationship between the Philippines and the United States and express our desire for a continued friendship for many years to come,” MacDonald said.


Editor’s note: Video of MacDonald speaking about his resolution on the Senate floor is available by clicking on the image above or by visiting