Sen. MacDonald comments on state budget deficit

LANSING, Mich. — After state fiscal and economic leaders on Friday at the annual May Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference projected significant reductions in state revenues of $3.2 billion in the current 2020 fiscal year and $3 billion in FY 2021, Sen. Michael D. MacDonald, R-Macomb Township, issued the following statement:

“The enormity of this budget problem is almost impossible to comprehend, and the decisions that will be necessary to solve it will be extremely difficult. That is especially true for the current 2020 deficit, because we’re already more than eight months into the fiscal year.

“We all agree that the state needed to act to protect the public, but the governor’s broadly applied lockdown orders have shut down or drastically affected many businesses for two months and counting. Businesses provide more than jobs; they provide revenue to the state for vital services. The longer the governor refuses to allow them to safely reopen, the more difficult our budget crisis will be.

“While the challenge is significant, my commitment during the budget process will be to reduce the impact on Michigan families, students and job providers as much as possible.”