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Sen. MacDonald comments on governor’s 2023 budget recommendation

LANSING, Mich. — After listening to State Budget Director Christopher Harkins outline Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s fiscal year 2023 state budget recommendation on Wednesday, Sen. Michael D. MacDonald, R-Macomb Township, issued the following statement:

“It’s remarkable to see the governor go from proposing a huge $2.3 billion gas tax during her first budget recommendation three years ago to endorsing the idea of tax relief today.

“The state budget is about how we use the people’s tax dollars to provide the structure and security for the people to safely achieve their dreams and live their lives. I am committed to working with the governor and my colleagues to pass a responsible spending plan that gets resources to those who need it, provides critical services, supports our small businesses, invests in our infrastructure, and provides struggling Macomb families with much-needed relief.

“I hope the governor is serious this time about working with us to find common ground on improving our state and addressing the enormous challenges we face, because the future of our state and our children depends on it.”