Sen. MacDonald comments on governor’s 2021 budget recommendation

LANSING, Mich. — After listening to state Budget Director Chris Kolb’s presentation of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s fiscal year 2021 state budget recommendation on Thursday, Sen. Michael D. MacDonald, R-Macomb Township, issued the following statement:

“Last year’s budget drama was unfortunate. We passed a fiscally responsible budget that increased funding for roads and schools to record levels — without raising taxes on Michigan families. But the governor chose a different route — vetoing nearly $1 billion in funding for vital programs.

“I am committed to starting fresh with this year’s budget. The people of Macomb County and our entire state need their Legislature and governor to work effectively to improve our state, grow our economy and build a better future.

“I agree with the governor on the need to continue increasing investments in our schools and job training. All Michigan students deserve an education that prepares them for success, and we need to continue helping train workers for in-demand jobs to close our skills gap.

“I am disappointed the governor chose to add billions of dollars in debt for state highways after she eliminated a $400 million local road funding increase. As an expecting father, I do not want to burden my unborn daughter with this new debt, especially when the $3.5 billion in bonds won’t fix any of the county and local roads and bridges that are in the worst condition.

“As we begin our work on a new state budget, my focus will continue to be on supporting our students, fixing our roads, improving access to health care and mental health services, and protecting our communities — and doing it all without asking taxpayers to pay more.”