MacDonald supports Senate 2020 budget plan — without governor’s huge tax increase

LANSING, Mich. — The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a fiscal year 2020 budget plan that increases funding for our roads and schools without raising taxes by $2.5 billion on Michigan families, said Sen. Michael D. MacDonald.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I am proud that we have put forth a budget plan that continues our economic recovery, provides essential services, invests in key priorities and lives within our means,” said MacDonald, R-Macomb Township. “The Senate budget plan does not depend on a huge tax hike, yet it continues to invest more in educating our children and fixing the roads — increasing funding in both areas to record levels.”

The Senate plan would invest $15.2 billion in education, an increase of nearly $400 million over the current year and a boost of more than $2.6 billion in state funding for schools since FY 2011.

Schools would see a foundation allowance boost of between $135 and $270 per pupil — the largest per-pupil increase in 18 years and $107 million more of a foundation allowance increase than the governor’s plan.

The Senate budget plan also increases constitutional revenue sharing by $51.2 million for local governments and fully implements $1.2 billion from the 2015 roads plan a year ahead of schedule — investing an additional $132 million entirely to local roads.

“As we work to complete a balanced budget on time, we need to ensure that we support our students, fix our roads, protect our communities, improve government efficiency and continue to attract new businesses and jobs to our state,” MacDonald said.

The budget bills now head to the full Senate.