MacDonald, nearly 600 residents urge governor to reopen Michigan gyms

LANSING, Mich. — As Sen. Michael D. MacDonald sent a letter to the governor on Friday morning urging her to allow gyms in Michigan to reopen, he also invited the public to sign on to the letter. Nearly 600 residents co-signed.

“I believe allowing gyms to safely reopen can help provide for a safer and healthier Michigan, and I sent a letter to the governor’s office Friday morning asking her to listen to their reopening plans,” said MacDonald, R-Macomb Township. “We are now providing the governor with copies of the letter co-signed by nearly 600 residents.

“Michigan remains one of the few states that have not allowed gyms to reopen, and it is long overdue for that to change. Our gyms can reopen safely and help Michigan residents get healthy and stay healthy.”

MacDonald’s letter said, “Restaurants and casinos have been given the opportunity to open, and gym owners are asking for that same opportunity. Gyms have been forced to close, with no opportunity to remedy their situation. Meanwhile, rent, payroll, and property taxes are due, along with other expenses.”

The letter also said that the industry combats obesity, hypertension and diabetes — three comorbidities that overwhelmingly lead to complications in COVID-19 cases. In addition, during these unprecedented times, many Michiganders are facing extra stress and anxiety. Exercise is a proven remedy for these complications plaguing so many residents across the state.

“Like many people, I heard late Friday that the governor may make an announcement this week about reopening gyms. If that happens, it will be great news for our entire state. If not, I hope the governor will consider this support by the Michigan people to reopen our gyms and to listen to the reopening plans from Michigan gym owners,” MacDonald said.

On Monday, MacDonald’s office will deliver 590 copies of the letter from Michigan residents to Gov. Whitmer’s office.